The neighborhood association is comprised of individuals who have joined this volunteer-based organization to work in maintaining our area’s quality of life and to meet the challenges of our community.

We hope that you want to learn more and to take part in this neighborhood association – the more voices we hear, the stronger Breckenridge Estates will become.  The following information provides some general information about our association.

What are the dues?

The dues are $25 per calendar year.  We begin collecting the dues each November for the next January 1-December 31 year.

I rent, can I join?

Anyone who resides in, owns property or does business in Breckenridge Estates can join.

What are the benefits?

By coming together as an association, we will be able to gain access to resources that will improve our lives in Breckenridge Estates, empower residents, exchange ideas and develop solutions, provide a forum for residents to discuss issues and create a social network of knowing our neighbors.

Do I have to join?

Neighborhood associations are entirely voluntary and gain strength through membership.

If I join, what do I have to do?

By joining the association, you will be able to voice your concerns and have the association working to help address those concerns. You can be as involved (i.e. serving on the board or on committees, helping distribute information, etc.) or as uninvolved (merely joining and supporting by paying dues) as you choose.

What powers does a Neighborhood Association have to enforce regulations?

A neighborhood association is entirely voluntary and while it has no legal abilities to enforce regulations, with increased membership and positive reinforcement, it can make a real difference.

When I moved in, I paid $10/year to be part of a homeowners association.  Is that what this is?

No.  Years ago Breckenridge Estates had a homeowners association where everyone who purchased property within the boundaries was required to join.  A neighborhood association is voluntary and empowers individuals through the collective voice and actions of a unified neighborhood association.

What does the Neighborhood Association plan to accomplish?

The volunteers helping to establish the association distributed a survey several months ago and, based on the responses, there are at least 10 -12 areas of concern residents would like addressed.

The most urgent of these are:

  • Lighting;
  • Safety (including increased police presence to reduce speeding, enforce signs, etc.);
  • Sense of community (getting to know neighbors, organized events such as yard sales, picnics, etc.);
  • Neighborhood beautification.