Welcome to the neighborhood.

Breckenridge Estates Neighborhood Association (familiarly known as BENA) has been in existence since June of 2005. We are an entirely volunteer organization. Unlike a home owners association (HOA) we have no legal abilities to enforce regulations, but with increased membership and positive reinforcement, it can make a real difference.

  • BENA has grown from a small group to just over 500 members.
  • BENA dues are $25 per calendar year. We begin collecting the dues each November. Dues pay for things like:
    • Street lights in the neighborhood (We pay for 61 streetlights in the BENA area, at a cost of approximately $13,200 a year)
    • Biannual newsletters
    • Maintenance of a few landscaped easements
  • Being a member of BENA qualify for discounted garbage rate with Republic Services (a savings that more than pays for annual membership), the use of two large Republic Services cans and two free neighborhood junk pickup days.

Our board meets for quarterly meetings and we have quarterly general meetings open to everyone in the BENA area. We have a great relationship with both the police, metro government, and area fire departments. Usually we will have a representative from at least one of these groups attend our general meetings. We have found that this helps  make our neighborhood safer and more enjoyable.

Currently we use the private social network Nextdoor to not only communicate with BENA area residents but also other nearby neighborhoods as well. Mostly it is used as a blockwatch but there are other features available as well. To join, you just have to go to Nextdoor.com and follow the instructions to sign-up. Neighbors can invite neighbors as well.