August 18 2011 General Body Meeting Minutes


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AUGUST 18, 2011




David called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.   He thanked Loren Carlson from the Green Room Coffee for bringing coffee and brownies.   He also welcomed our other guests.


Lisa Dettlinger, from the Center for Neighborhoods, addressed the group.  Her main focus was the PAINT project.  This project brings different kinds of art to the neighborhoods.


Lt. Glenn Simpson then addressed the group.  He talked about the National Night Out, tagging in the neighborhood and various things we can do to protect our property.  We then had an open discussion. Lt. Simpson addressed many of the concerns of the group.


Kevin Kramer also addressed the group.  He talked about grass cutting on the public right of way.  He shared the good news that there will be irrigation at the railroad overpass.  This will be a big help as we try to maintain that area after Brightside gets everything planted.


Clancy gave the treasurer’s report.  There are 498 paid members as of tonight.  As of July 31, 2011 we had $30,066.31 in the bank.


We have a new agreement with ID.  Debbie negotiated a lower rate for the next two years.


David reported that he is still looking at radon companies to come into the neighborhood and check our homes.  He is hoping to get us a reduced price.  He is also looking at security companies who install cameras.


Councilman Kramer acknowledged Debbie McKnight for all of her work for the neighborhood.  We then had a lively open forum with the councilman.


David reminded the membership that we will have elections in November.  The vice president and secretary along with all councilpersons will be elected.   According to our by-laws, someone new must be elected secretary.


David reminded everyone of the picnic and asked for help with prizes.


The meeting was adjourned.






Respectfully Submitted,


Susan Clifton


Minutes February 10, 2011


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FEBRUARY 10, 2011

David called the meeting to order.

David welcomed everyone to the meeting.  David thanked Loren Carlson with Green Room Coffee for bringing coffee and snacks again. He then introduced our new LMPD 6th Division Major Don Burbrink. Major Burbrink told us a little about himself and some of the things he hopes to accomplish in his new position.  He talked about the Email Tree and the use of video cameras throughout the neighborhood.

We then had a short question and answer forum with Major Burbrink.

We have 392 paid members as of today.  There were 517 paid members at the end of 2010.

The new landscaping around the railroad overpass is on the way.  We will start seeing some work in 4 to 6 weeks.  A lot of work is already approved.  Brightside will be doing the landscaping.  Once everything is planted it will be up to BENA to keep it going.

We have a working budget for 2011.  We are still financially in very good shape.

We still have 50 lights that BENA is paying for.  David reminded everyone to let Al Hampton know if there are any dark spots in the neighborhood.

BENA has signed an agreement with ID concerning the garbage collection.

Debbie reported about the Email Tree.  She will be forwarding all correspondence to the people on Block Watch email list.

David introduced Erin Hinson from Kevin Kramer’s office.  She discussed charitable organizations that collect funds at various intersections.

We then had our open forum.  The possibility of putting speed humps on Hunsinger Lane between Manner Dale and Six Mile was discussed.  Erin said she would see if that area would a candidate for a speed hump study.  The extra signal light at Manner Dale and Breckenridge was discussed.  The guard rail that the apartment building erected at that intersection was also a hot topic of discussion.

David drew for door prizes.   Then the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Clifton