Minutes October 14 2010


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October 14, 2010

David called the meeting to order at 6:30.

Secretary’s report was presented and approved.

Treasurer’s report was presented and approved.

The membership committee will meet and decide the best approach for collecting dues in 2011.

Al reported on the lighting.  A neighbor on Landside has requested that one of the lights on Landside be moved to spread out the light on that street.  Al will find out how much it would cost to move the light.  There is another light that is turned off.  Al will see who was paying the light.

Carl is trying to make contact with new neighbors, we were reminded to let Carl know if anyone new moves into the neighborhood.

We discussed the mural on Breckenridge Lane.  Most of the feedback has been positive.  The association did get some good press coverage.

They have been clearing brush around the railroad overpass.  They are waiting for cooler weather to proceed.

Brightside Clean-Up day is October 23rd.   We are trying to get volunteers lined up for our area.

There is a banner on Manner Dale that needs some attention.  David and Joe will check on it.

The Website has been improved.  There is a link to Kevin Kramer’s office on it now.

The Yard Sale went well.  There were quite a few sales this time.

Everyone who went to the picnic seemed to have a good time.  We need to advertise it more.  We need more signs.

President and Treasurer are up for reelection this year along with all the Board Members.  We need to encourage people to run for the Board.

We voted to make a monetary donation to Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church.  They allow us to use their facility for all of our meetings and the picnic and charge us nothing.

The newsletter we deliver before our November meeting will include a reminder to bring canned goods for SEAM and treats for the 6th District Police officers.

Board and General Meeting dates have been set for 2011.  They are posted on the Website.  The spring yard sale will be the Saturday after Derby as usual.

David adjourned the meeting at 8:00.

Respectfully Submitted

Susan Clifton


Members present: Susan Clifton, Albert Hampton, Charles Toon, Michelle Gay, David Kinney, David DiSalvo, Joe Gillette, Carl Owens and Clancy DeCuir

Guest:  Harvey Gay

2011 Dues are Being Collected Now!


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Every one will receive a membership renewal notice soon.  If you do not recieve a renewal notice contact David DiSalvo.  This money is put  back into the neighborhood in the form of lights, newsletters and other neighborhood improvements.